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Portal Consolidation

Healthcare Industry

UX Project Overview

UX Overview

(1) GOAL

Legacy Physician Services (EVPS) Portal needs to be restructured and converted into Corporate Brand (Envision).
Consolidate the Portal by creating a fresh homepage or splash page for users to be directed to desired Sub-Portal’s Landing Pages. These Sub-Portals will represent departments and brands owned by Envision. EVPS will become a Sub-Portal.
Modernize and Improve usability.
Identify branding resources from acquired companies to blend with new portal.

(2) Users/Personas

Corporate department users.


  • Verbal introduction to the requirements through business owners.
  • Discovery meetings with managers to review analytics to measure the more attractive items for users in legacy portal.
  • Analysis of departments structure and companies acquired to propose a satisfactory information architecture.
  • Research about the 3 new companies acquired by Envision to be part of the new Portal. Identify common needs and structure out of their legacy sites. Identify brand identity by interviewing their marketing departments.
  • Research about innovative components to be potentially used in a proposed design and strategy.

    Pain Points Discovered

  • Legacy Portal currently organized by Sub-Sites. It doesn’t allow users to friendly navigate between departments unless they go back to home.
  • Legacy thin footer bar; only offers the users the ability via a call to action to provide feedback.
  • Help Desk phone number, which provides support to the whole organization, is not visible anywhere on the homepage or menu bars throughout the portal.
  • Unattractive design for many of the homepage widgets.
  • Legacy Useful Links Widget design and functionality only allows to display 9 links. No possibility to add or remove without compromising the experience.
  • Legacy browsing experience only suitable for desktops and only covering Internet Explorer.
  • Responsiveness poor or inexistent for tablets and small devices


  • After meeting with Business Analyst and reviewing gathered data, current departmental structure and the structure followed by the acquired companies; a new organizational chart and site map has been ideated.
  • Use of a sitemap footer approach is recommended. It has been submitted to review and approval.
  • This approach not only apply to new Portal and Sub-Portals Landing pages. This become an out of scope milestone very important to cover. This proposed global footer will be implemented throughout the existing Sub-Sites helping to users to minimize clicks.
  • Brand guidelines for acquired brands have been identified: Evolution Health and Vista.
  • Identify and propose common widgets these Landin Pages including new brands will have in common.

(5) Information Architecture

  • Organization Chart creation. Resulting in 7 landing pages to be created. One is the main access and 6 sub-portals.
  • Sitemap creation representing Main Portal and Sub-portals.
  • Set of Wireframes to propose, analyze, test and submit to discussion a Landing Page model. Functionality proposed will be consistently applied to the other 6 Landing Pages.

Design + functionality approach

  • Mockups to create (7).
  • Consistent global elements identified will become the inner structure for every crafted Landing Page.
  • Each Sub-Portal will have its own logo identity and set of colors while following Envision standards.
  • The four colors from Envision palette will define 4 of the Department Landing Pages. Navy Blue will be kept as the main. Acquired brand will follow their brand identity while blending with Envision.

Sections Identified

  • Improved Top Menu Bar – A thinner Top bar is proposed containing the corresponding logo and a modern and collapsible quick menu only displaying links to Sub-portals.
  • Announcements – Slider Style – To Display Corporate announcements.
  • News – Tabbed + Slider – Will display a minimum of 3 News headlines by set, adding attractive images. (Legacy was displaying a very tiny thumbnail).
  • Useful Links – Represented by minimalistic set of icons in one row, great way to offer shortcuts to users. The added carousel functionally will give the ability to add unlimited amount of links, even beyond the screen size while is taking into consideration small devices as well.
  • Envision Sub-Portals – A graphic and attractive visual way to introduce and access with only a click any of the Sub-portals.
  • Improved Footer – Proposed a Site Map representation. To be implemented thought out the site. It will improve usability minimizing the amount of click to navigate throughout different departments.

(6) Design Completion and A/B Testing

The presentation, design and even widgets chosen varied throughout 5 different versions.
A first round of two options were offered initially and submitted to discussion. This stage of decisions was happening by putting together a high-fidelity prototype.

(7) UI - Final Deliverables

7 landing pages including global header and footer were provided. A functional and fully responsive prototype was created, delivered and ready for implementation and development. Components fully supported by Bootstrap Framework.


Research and Analysis

Information Architecture

Wireframes - Layout Proposed


Design Proposed