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Tech Staff Company (TSC)

IT and Marketing Staff Augmentation Services

Match qualified candidates with clients looking to fill temporary, non-employee positions

UX Project Overview

UX Overview

(1) GOAL

Automate current organizational processes for staff augmentation services to ultimately create a custom platform.
To develop an exclusive and high role-specific quality US based professional network and staffing administration platform. (Multidevice platform in the long term).
Platform to support different areas of the organization including finding and screening the right candidates; interview, assessments, hiring and onboarding processes.

    Short-Term Goal (1st Sprint)

  • UX Expert to discover and planning web application covering and improving all the current internal staffing management workflow for TSC's Owner to handle. (Admin)
  • At the moment I joined the project, a mobile app for “Candidates” to join the network was under development. Need some UX improvements.
  • UX/UI for Signup-Sign In process will be covered on this first sprint to improve developer's deliverables.

(2) Users/Personas

  • Technology and Marketing field Talents (Consultants)
  • Job Opportunities (Company Clients)
  • Staffing Admin (Top Level User)


  • Verbal introduction to current in place processes. (Most of them are manually)
  • Interviews with stakeholders to identify needs. Prior to my arrival the onsite team participated on several brainstorming sessions. (Lack of documentation)
    I've met with Product Owner, Operations Manager, Digital Marketing Specialist and Developer.

    Gathering Elements

  • Set of slide presentations about current business model
  • Research about current job board and staffing company industry models.
  • I was provided with screenshots about candidates responding to actual job posting via a WordPress corporate website.
  • Mockups provided about “Consultant” User View
  • No brand guidelines documented or rules. I was provided with a vector logo, main brand color and a unique font type commonly used on marketing materials.


  • Product ideation and global planning of product behavior. (Big Picture) Journey map creation.
  • Admin product solution specification by creating User Flows and wireframes for several components.
  • Describe the behavior of these components and expected user (Admin) interactions.
  • Identifying data fields and data hierarchy models.

(5) Information Architecture

  • Organization Chart creation. Resulting in 7 landing pages to be created. One is the main access and 6 sub-portals.
  • Sitemap creation representing Main Portal and Sub-portals.
  • Set of Wireframes to propose, analyze, test and submit to discussion a Landing Page model. Functionality proposed will be consistently applied to the other 6 Landing Pages.

Dashboard Admin - Artifacts

  • Talent Journey Map: Identify current and future Talent Journey.
  • Clients: View and add clients. Table view. Considerations for viewing a client in table. List of contracts, and if any active – link to them.
  • Contracts: Interface to create and view all contracts. Contracts will include a client and worker(s) along with key information of the contract. Agreements – Associated to client and workers.
  • Timesheets: Timesheet views are based on payroll periods. By default, it should show the time from last Payroll period to date. Filtering options.
  • Messaging: View all messages by person. Will want to link profile. Wishing to avoid email use when possible
  • Search Talents: Need Status. Ability to change status. If on Contract. Make obvious. Link to Contract (view). Need last/current contracted rate. Right now, rate only set when on a contract. Area where we can see jobs they applied for or came in on. We will have people register based on open positions solicitations and will track mobile sign ups this way.
  • Opportunities: Currently through corporate website. Basically create, track and modify job opportunities Account management + Login: Admin

(6) Deliverables

  • Interactive prototype to cover sign-up and sing-in process. (Adobe XD)
  • Journey Map to illustrate current candidate acquisition and new desired process. In the short-term both processess will cohexists. (PowerPoint Draft)
  • Admin Site Map
  • User Flows for different components and/or stages of the process. (Admin View) (Adobe XD)
  • Site Map Creation + UI Assets representation and interaction proposing global navigation (Admin View) (Adobe XD)
  • Identified fields and component screens. (Spreadsheet)

Mobile Prototype

Mobile Sign Up and Sign In Process

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Artifacts - Top Level User - Admin

Talent Journey Map

Map covering current and future journey for Talents/Experts.

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3. Timesheets

User Flow + Wireframes to cover the "Timesheets" module. Admin to automate current manual processess. Ability to send timesheets for Client's approval to ultimately submitting for payroll.

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5. Contracts

User Flow + Wireframes to cover the "Contracts" module. Admin Level User to automate current manual processess.

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6. Messaging

User Flow + Wireframes to cover the "Messaging" module. Admin+All Level Users to direct message with TSC.

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7. Opportunities

User Flow + Wireframes to cover the "Opportunities" module. Admin to create, track and modify Job Opportunities.

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Dashboard Global UI Elements Proposed

Top Level User - Admin

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